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Dog Sitting

We love your pet so much, possibly more than you do. If there is anything that you do better than us, you get your money back!

For Felines Too!

Dont forget about those kitty cats too! Watch out for hair balls. Dont forget about those kitty cats too! Watch out for hair balls.

Our work is 100% Guaranteed

Licensed and Insured

Puppy Dogs

These are the cutest little things arent they? Look at those eyes! Watch out though until you can get them trained, they'll pee all over the back seat of the car.

Kitty Kats!

Who cant resist a fluffy little kitty kat? Nothing cuter in the whole wide world!!! Dont forget to clean the litter box! HEHEHE Watch out for the claws on the new leather couch.

Spa Treatments

Teh packages we offer

The Runaround

Basically this is the lowest level treatment. we dont really do anything with you r animal we just put them on a leash and run them around until htey are tired.

White Ice

Flying high, baller staus this is where your dog gets it all. Kity kats preferred but not mandatory. Your pet will be served filet mignon, medium rare.

Head Shots

Yep, thats right- model head shots for your dog or cat. We specialize in making your average or ordinary pet look like a super pet model. Pugs and English bull dogs need not apply.

Dreamy Petcations

Going somewhere long term? We here at tthe pet escape will be happy to take care of your pet for the long haul. Dream it up and we'll tell you if we want to do it or not.

Bother Logan!

Not to fret, Logan is prepared to make all the customer service phone calls, email, and snail mail. If you have any question, commments or suggestion that really dont apply, feel free to make sure Logan hears about it. Make sure to include name, email and extra annoying messages.

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